Austin Ketamine Clinic Marks Four Years of Compassionate Care and Professional Excellence
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Words from our patients

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    The staff at Austin Ketamine Clinic were so warm and welcoming. I felt comfortable and in great hands the whole experience.

    Marsha S.
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    These guys are awesome, professional, good listeners and truly care about their clients. Amazing work is happening here!

    Natasha A.
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    My experience with AKC was overwhelmingly positive. I felt much more relaxed and comfortable during and after the infusion compared to my previous treatments.

    Ryley M.
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    I did 6 infusions plus a booster at Austin Ketamine Clinic. AKC is nothing short of a blessing. We are fortunate to have them in this town.

    Mr J.
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    Friendly, knowledgeable staff and a very safe and comfortable environment. I saw immediate results with this treatment and am so relieved to find something that works

    Daniel D.
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    I just can't recommend this treatment therapy enough. The staff is caring and helpful. Wonderful experience overall.

    Jenny B.