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Michael Pollan Answers Questions from Twitter

Michael Pollan Answers Questions from Twitter

Michael Pollan, author of "This Is Your Mind On Plants," answers the internet's burning questions about psychedelics. How does LSD work? What is ego death? How are psychedelics used for addiction therapy? Why are psychedelics so frowned upon? Michael answers all these questions and much more. For more on the pharmacology of plants, read Michael Pollan's latest book THIS IS YOUR MIND ON PLANTS - https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/665612/this-is-your-mind-on-plants-by-michael-pollan/#:~:text=In%20This%20Is%20Your%20Mind,about%20them%20into%20sharp%20relief.

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Jon V. Wolfe, Co-founder and CEO of Austin Ketamine Clinic Jon V. Wolfe, MPA/LP Jon is a veteran Licensed Rescue Paramedic with over twenty years of experience in emergency medicine. After retiring from Austin/Travis County EMS, he found a new role in the emerging field of ketamine infusion therapy. Jon was the event organizer for the American Society of Ketamine Physicians inaugural conference in 2018. His experience within the world of ketamine has consisted of various organizational roles, including ketamine guide, administrative coordinator, director of operations, and independant ketamine consultant. Most recently, Jon and his partner founded Austin Ketamine Clinic to better serve the mental health needs of the community, striving to help make ketamine therapy more accessible and affordable. Located in the heart of central Texas, Austin Ketamine Clinic has become one of the leaders of the industry, promoting outreach/advocacy and clinical research. For more information, visit www.austinketamineclinic.com.

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