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As one of Central Texas Leading Ketamine Infusion Therapy Clinics, Austin Ketamine Clinic, located in the heart of Austin, Texas, near Bee Caves, is honored and proud to celebrate over three years of continuous service to the community, providing excellent treatment with proven results.  

Austin Ketamine Clinic was founded in order to create a place that provides ketamine therapy with the highest level of care in the most optimal “set and setting." Austin Ketamine Clinic is a small business that is locally owned and operated, staffed by a team of highly qualified, experienced, and competent staff that honors the principles of dignity, respect, and free will.

As numerous ketamine clinics across the nation are having to close down and turn patients away, Austin Ketamine Clinic continues to remain steadfast in their mission, vision and values.  

Their aim and focus remains on delivering compassionate ketamine infusion therapy for those who are still struggling and searching for care that they deserve. As more clinics are closing, changing their protocols and discontinuing intravenous ketamine therapy entirely;  Austin Ketamine Clinic continues to provide patients the choice between both forms of administration, intramuscular and intravenous. However, based on a thorough qualitative and quantative analysis utilizing patient feedback and objective assessment tools, Austin Ketamine Clinic continues to maintain and recommend intravenous ketamine therapy is the premier administration method. Intravenous ketamine therapy not only provides a better quality experience, but also allows for complete, constant control of the ketamine administration throughout the entire duration of the infusion.

The professionals at Austin Ketamine Clinic offer ketamine infusion therapy for the treatment of various mental health conditions. Research has shown that ketamine therapy has the potential to rapidly balance brain chemicals to alleviate the symptoms of mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In addition, ketamine infusion therapy has also shown efficacy for patients with Tourette syndrome and those who need help breaking an addiction to alcohol and drugs. The team at Austin Ketamine Clinic offers more than 100 years of cumulative experience, which they combine with a fierce dedication to establishing a trusting relationship that supports each person’s recovery.

When patients come to the clinic, they feel embraced by the staff and the peaceful environment. The location was specifically chosen to maximize the "set and setting" in a non-sterile environment that patients can feel safe and cared for.  The clinic backs up to Barton Creek Greenbelt, where patients are immersed in the sights and sounds of nature without any disruption or disturbance. The team purposefully created this environment to gently support each person’s health and wellness. 

Each patient has the personal attention of the entire team throughout their ketamine treatment, which goes beyond a remote video monitor or just having someone stay with patients during their therapy. In addition, treatment with Austin Ketamine Clinic does not stop after you walk out the door, the team stays in touch with patients and closely monitors their mental health even after they leave the clinic.  Austin Ketamine Clinic has partnered with numerous providers and therapists to assist patients with proper integration of an entire team that will help guide and support them along their journey to wellness.

To learn more about how ketamine can help  treat conditions that don’t respond to conservative medical treatment or to discuss the costs, call the office, 512-744-5489, or email admin@austinketamineclinic.com to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Austin Ketamine Clinic is humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to provide ketamine infusion therapy assisting those in their 'Journey to Wellness' and path to rediscovering Hope, Joy and Happiness!

Austin Ketamine Clinic 2022 Best Ketamine Clinic Award Austin Texas
Austin Ketamine Clinic 2022 Austin Award for Mental Health Clinic in Ketamine Therapy
Austin Ketamine Clinic Mental Health Clinic Ketamine Therapy 2023 Award
Second Consecutive Year for Austin Ketamine Clinic 2023 Austin Award for Mental Health Clinic in Ketamine Therapy

Words from our patients

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    The staff at Austin Ketamine Clinic were so warm and welcoming. I felt comfortable and in great hands the whole experience.

    Marsha S.
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    These guys are awesome, professional, good listeners and truly care about their clients. Amazing work is happening here!

    Natasha A.
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    My experience with AKC was overwhelmingly positive. I felt much more relaxed and comfortable during and after the infusion compared to my previous treatments.

    Ryley M.
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    I did 6 infusions plus a booster at Austin Ketamine Clinic. AKC is nothing short of a blessing. We are fortunate to have them in this town.

    Mr J.
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    Friendly, knowledgeable staff and a very safe and comfortable environment. I saw immediate results with this treatment and am so relieved to find something that works

    Daniel D.
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    I just can't recommend this treatment therapy enough. The staff is caring and helpful. Wonderful experience overall.

    Jenny B.